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About Us

The Second Horizon is a team of passionate people who made this site with the purpose of Awareness and taking the world forward.

To the world where we are free of our problems, where we live in harmony and we prosper.

We create content which helps people to endure their problems and win over them in time. 

They can come anytime and release their daytime stress and transcend themselves through analyzing the content.

The Second Horizon took major importance in Writing about major world problems as well as Life problems and how to deal with them. We motivate this millennial generation to keep themselves healthy mentally and physically in this Digitalised and Social Media Age.

We want to see a real change in the world and it can only be done when we all stand together to put a hand in hands and focus on the problems.

This is a very small step to take the world forward but a lot bigger for us.

When you are sad remember this -

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Remember to be original and unique and be passionate in this journey.
Don't find yourself but create yourself like no one ever was.

Passion and Charisma is the key.

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      The Second Horizon Was Founded by Shreyans Singh on 10 July 2017.

Shreyans Singh is an ordinary Man with extraordinary potential and Charisma to solve real-life problems the world is facing.

The man is inquisitive and never lost his childhood that's why he never becomes the victim of day to day problems. Children dodge the problems that we adults face. He has a mindset of a child to make anything happen without no real problem or restlessness.

He is currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University because of his passion for Learning History and to analyze the problems we faced in the past.

Shreyans Singh has big plans to take forward not only himself but also the world.

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