Sunday, 15 July 2018

Today Is The Day : World Cup Final 2018

Battle of two heavyweights: France VS Croatia

Well, today is the day which football fans were waiting for across the world. After a month-long roller coaster ride with sweet and bitter emotions, we have arrived at our destination. The biggest stage of World Football is set today and two heavyweights, France and Croatia will face each other at the Luzhniki Stadium. 

France Vs Croatia

The Dream of Millions:

While it will be a first major tournament final for Croatia with just 4.4 million population, France would really like to heal the massive blow they faced against Portugal in Euro 2016. 

France Vs Croatia

No one ever thought that Croatia would even reach the final with no squad depth and the team which relies upon the midfielders like Modric and Rakitic. On the other side, France has an incredible squad depth with players like Mbappe, Pogba, Griezmann, Kante, Dembele and are clear favourites to lift the trophy today.

France and Croatia Stats:

France has scored 10 Goals with Croatia scoring 12 Goals till now. A bit surprising is that France has 25 fewer shots on target against Croatian side which has 100 shots on target till now. Croatian side has an average ball possession of 55 with France having 49% till now.

What can we expect:

It will surely be a nerve wrecking game although France side is a bit superior in terms of star players.

France Vs Croatia

But we have seen teams like Brasil, Germany, Argentina and Spain getting out which was a shocker around the world. On the other side, the Croatian team has shown that only star players don't win you trophies, it's the collective team spirit and a strong dedication to fight till the end which brings the glory. 


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