Saturday, 16 June 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Show: Portugal Vs Spain

In a much-anticipated match of the 2nd day of the Fifa World Cup, Portugal vs Spain match surely lived to its hype.

It was the battle of champions as Ronaldo led Portugal met with World-class Spanish side which saw the match ending with a draw 3:3 with lots of drama and controversy.

Ronaldo Vs Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo cleverly found the space to earn himself a penalty within the 3rd minute of the game which saw Portugal getting an early lead. Diego Costa ran past 4 defenders to equalise in the 23rd minute.

Diego Costa vs Portugal

Just before the half break, Ronaldo fired a shot which went inside the post due to a silly mistake from David De Gea.

Diego Costa again equalised after the half break and within 3 minutes, Spain was winning 3:2 with a thunderous strike from Nacho which saw the man in white getting a good grip over the game.

The game was surely in the hands of Spain until the 88th minute when Ronaldo earned a free kick which he scored under an intense pressure.

Ronaldo led Portugal to a draw and the road for the Round of 16 is pretty much under their sight now.
Earlier, Cristiano failed to score against big teams but with yesterday's performance, he has surely delivered and proved that he can live up to his Potential on big stages like the World Cup.

Let's see what the other matches hold for Cristiano and co. and can the Real Madrid Superstar get his hands at the trophy?


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