Friday, 6 April 2018

What if we Humans Disappear from Earth?

We, humans, have graced the Earth for millions of years and we are on the verge to destroy it in a couple of hundred years or so.


It might appear as a curiosity to you that 'What if we humans completely disappear from earth?'
How will the earth look like then and What will happen to the plants and animals?

Well, you can get all your answers over here.

If all humans living today on earth suddenly disappear then the earth would be a very different place then it is today.
In a few hours, most of the lights around the world will shut off automatically because almost all the power plants would run out of fuel then.

The solar panels will eventually be covered in dust. The only source of power that would remain will be Hydroelectricity as the stations would be running.

After two or three days, most of the underground train systems would be under water as the pumps which keep water out would fail and stop working.

Tens days later, pets and farm animals will die due to starvation while big dogs will be able to survive more as they would hunt down the small animals.

A month later, the cooling water in the Nuclear power station will evaporate and that would then lead to a series of disaster on Earth. The impact will be stronger then Fukushima and Chernobyl but after days, the plants would be able to recover from radioactive contamination.

After one year or so, the satellites around the earth will start to fall from their orbit creating shooting stars as they enter the earth's atmosphere.

25 years later, vegetation will cover the earth. With some middle east countries being buried under the sand dunes.

300 years later, Metals buildings, bridges, factories and towers will start to break due to corrosion.

10,000 years later, there will be only one evidence of our existence and that would be things that we have made with stones like the Pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China and maybe the Mount Rushmore in the U.S.A. Ancient people were way smarter than us right?

If Earth would be lucky to avoid life ending events like a self-inflicted Acopolypse or a deadly asteroid, then life on earth can survive for more 500 Million years.

6 Billion years from now on, the sun is expected to swell into a red giant which will engulf our earth in the process and that would be the end.

Maybe it has happened before and this will just repeat. Maybe, The world will return to the beginning of creation, water, nature, fresh air, and what if life comes back to the fossilized dinosaurs eggs again.