Thursday, 5 April 2018

What if we detonate 300 Nuclear Warheads at once?

A nuclear weapon is a bomb or a missile which uses nuclear energy to create an explosion.
It has been used from time to time during the time of wars.

But what if we detonate 300 nuclear warheads at a single moment? 

Week 1:
Five Megatons of Black Carbon will enter the atmosphere directly. It absorbs the heat from the sun before it reaches the earth so we can have a basic idea of what 4 Megatons of Black Carbon will be able to do. 

Week 2:
The worst impact of it will be that earth will become dark as the rays of sun would not be able to penetrate the Earth's Atmosphere. The chemical reaction which will happen because of this would lead to depletion of the Ozone layer.
The UV Radiation will be 80-120% more harmful than it is today.
This situation will work for months and the next impact would be felt at the 2nd month.

Month 2:
Earth will cool down with average temperature coming down to - 25-degree C or -13 Degree F.

Falling temperature always causes unfavourable conditions and as a result, the amount of rain will decrease leading to the slow extinction of flora. The impact of it would that the plant would stop to grow and its DNA will begin to destabilise.

Year 2:
Without plants, 2 billion people would run out of food and as a result, they will die. During this time most years would then become extremely cold and would be inhabitable.

Year 5:
The ozone layer is 25% thinner then it used to be before by which harmful UV radiations will be able to penetrate the earth's atmosphere. The remaining survivors will majorly suffer from skin cancer due to this.

Year 10:
Life on earth will start to recover with improvement in the ozone layer. The depletion will reduce to 8%.

Year 20:
The average temperature on earth will start to rise but it will still be very low in comparison to the temperature before the war. As a result, plants will start to grow but the growth rate would be very slow.

Year 30:
Earth will start to receive more rain as compared to 15 years back. Plants growth will begin to stabilise but it would still be slow.

Year 50:
The Green Cover will start to improve and plants will take over in more areas than before. Some highest impacted area will not be able to recover quickly due to the high level of radiations.

All this can happen with mere 300 warheads and the total no of warheads till date is 16,000 across the globe.

The number of nuclear weapons which are in existence today is enough to destroy the Earth a dozens of times r and the world could then be plunged into a nuclear autumn and that will result in the extinction of human race.

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Now you know the impacts and currently, we have two egotistical schoolyard bullies with access to the buttons with one claiming that his button is bigger than the other and will work also.