Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Major Innovations in 2018

Like every year, 2018 has brought about new ideas, opened new horizons and is more interesting time to live in.
Let us look at some of the world developments happening in 2018.
There are many things on which scientist and researchers are working and we really hope that all the following claims become possible in this year.

These claims are not very simple to complete but it's 2018 and the technology we have today can easily be sought out our problems.

Scientists have begun CRISPR Gene editing on humans. CRISPR is a family of DNA sequences in bacteria. The sequences contain snippets of DNA from viruses that have attacked the bacterium.

NASA'S robotic lander Insight lands on the Mars.

Aquaculture provides the majority of world seafood.

A vaccine for type 1 diabetes begins human trials.

The world Population exceeds 7,600,000,000.

Scientist drill into Earth's mantle to explore its composition.

World sale of Electric vehicles reaches 5,200,000.

New Zealand shuts down its last large coal-fired power generators.

Several complex surgeries are now being performed by robots.

There is now one wi-fi hotspot for every 20 people.

Europe and Japan launch an orbiter and a lander on mercury.

Polio is being largely eradicated from the globe.

China lands its Chang'e-4 lander on the dark side of the moon.

NASA'S mission OSIRIS- REx begins to survey an asteroid called BENNU.

Scientist begins to experiment anti-ageing techniques on humans.


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