Friday, 13 April 2018

The Story of All of Us

You can spare mere 5 minutes of your life and look back to see what our story has been, what all has happened in these billions of years which resulted in life on earth.

So here it is

13.6 Billion years ago, our Milky Way galaxy was formed of which our solar system is a part.

4.6 Billion years ago, our planet Earth was formed.

4.5 Billion years ago, Moon started to form to come to its present shape.

4.28 Billion years ago, the water started to get condensed in its present state i.e. Liquid.

3.9 Billion years ago, organic life first started to develop on Earth.

3.5 Billion years ago, Unicellular life started, (prokaryotes)

2.9 Billion years ago, Pongola Glaciation occured

2.5 B.Y.A., Oxygen was found in oceans and atmosphere

1.6 B.Y.A., Eukaryotic( Nucleated) cells appeared.

420 M.Y.A., land, plants and Coral reefs appeared.

400 M.Y.A., formation of the first forest on Earth started to take place.

235 M.Y.A., Age of the Dinosaurs

200 M.Y.A., Flying Reptiles appeared for the first time.

65 M.Y.A., Meteor Impact, Dinosaurs extinction

45 M.Y.A., Mammals appeared in much modern form after placental ones emerged in 65 M.Y. back

6 M.Y.A., Hominids and Chimpanzee diverged from common ancestors.

1.4 M.Y.A., Hominids use controlled fire for the very first time.

11,000 years back, Agriculture was practised for the first time.

4,500 years back, the Pyramid of Giza was built.

1543 A.D., the scientific revolution took place for the first time or the age of renaissance.

1700 A.D., Industrial Revolution took place.

1903 A.D., the Invention of flight by theWrightt brothers.

1957 A.D., The Beginning of the space age.

1969 A.D., Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon.

Earth five billion years from now would be destroyed by the red giant i.e. The Sun.


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