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'God Of War' First Impressions: A Stunning Masterpiece of Art and Technology

God Of War is a series known for its amazing ultra-violence character. At its heart, these games were always about combos, tearing monsters into little pieces, and quick time fights.
What the series has never been known for is a serious story filled with interesting culture and some of the best character developments which have happened in video games. But that's exactly what we get with the 2018 reboot, God Of War. This is a serious game with a truly compelling story and equally astounding characters in a world that is as not only beautiful to see but also rich, alive and mysterious.
God Of War
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First Impressions Of the Game
This is the most surprising game of the year till now. It is only April so we never know what we can expect more this year  If God Of War doesn't win any Game of the Year prizes for 2018 I'll be shocked. You will know why I'm saying this.
Along with a completely new approach to storytelling which is new to the series, it is a bit comparable to The Last Of Us. Gone are the days when we used to have the fixed camera from previous games. In those games, Kratos would run through various areas and each one would feature a different camera angle, often pulled very far back from the action so that you could see all the enemies you were fighting, all at once. Now things have pretty much changed.
Now the camera is a more traditional and focuses more on the third-person user experience. It's pulled in a lot closer than before, and you can adjust it freely, no problem in that. It is smooth as silk. This makes the game feel more like the Unchartedthough the camera is closer.

This will likely bother some gamers, especially God of War traditionalists who pretty much have the previous games playing habit. But come on, things ought to change with time Isn't it? 

One question may arise in your mind whether it is available on every platform? God Of War is only available on PS4.
Credit: Sony
Combat Gaming
Combat has also been completely changed. Now it's a bit like Dark Souls and God of War had a baby. God of War now uses a system where you can lock onto enemies and strike them with either light or heavy attacks (R1 and R2 respectively.) You can also block with your shield or dodge an attack. The Souls games have popularized this type of action combat, which differs from older God of War games and other fast-paced games.
However, there are still combos which are pretty good in God of War, and these become more and more elaborate as you unlock skills. The more you play, the better it gets. You can still hit an enemy up off the ground and then keep hitting him while he's in the air, which is pretty much fun. One major difference between the game and the Souls titles is the lack of a stamina bar, making this much more arcadey and fast. You just don't have to worry about stamina. Just keep hitting and killing. It's as simple as that.
There's also a rage meter that grows slowly as you're hit and allows you to unleash a powerful, super fast attacks on enemies. It runs out quickly so make it count. It's more like your WWE Signature move.Even without rage, however, combat is fast and brutal and really enjoyable to play.
The Leviathan Axe
Kratos's Leviathan axe is the core weapon of the game. It's basically Thor's hammer. You can swing it or toss it at enemies and then call it back with the triangle button. The throwing attack is not only powerful, it's also a good way to keep your distance from dangerous enemies or they will hit you up and you don't wanna die pretty much easily I guess.
Leviathan Axe
 The axe can also strike an enemy as it returns to Kratos, making it doubly effective in pace and strength. Fighting without it, meanwhile, still does plenty of damage and stuns enemies faster than the axe will. The other weapons are also good. Once an enemy is stunned, Kratos can perform a special death animation, usually involving ripping enemies in two or crushing their skulls with his boot. Ouch! Much violence huh!

As Kratos and Atreus travel through Midgard, their relationship grows and changes eventually. This will keep the gamer intact and addicted. And it's incredibly interesting and satisfying to be part of that story. Far from being a roadblock to enjoying the game, Atreus is one of its most important pieces in the game and while he does operate similarly to Ellie from The Last Of Us.
Aterus Pic
 He's also more central to both the story and gameplay than either of these characters. He pretty much takes care of himself, too, so there are no annoying bits (so far at least) where you have to control him or help him do basic things which are irritating.
I'm not exaggerating to be honest when I say this is the best-looking till now in 2018 or pretty much ever.  Too bad it's not on Xbox One X or PC, where it would almost certainly look even more amazing and more people could have enjoyed it. Even so, it's gorgeous. The surroundings are rich, bright and colourful. Red leaves, snowy mountains, amazing facial graphics make each character look almost real.
Everything from Kratos's big beard to the fur on Atreus's outfit is realistic. Every little piece of clothing or strand of hair moves realistically. They have given attention to the minute things which you won't even notice. 

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Between the realistic physics and the life-like faces, God of War is a technical triumph of this year.
In terms of sound, both the effects and the original soundtrack are incredible. The music is gorgeous composer Bear McCreary has composed one of the finest works of his. Here's the official trailer for the game. 

Do let us know in the comment section about what you think of the game. Till then stay tuned.


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