Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Can we fight Rhino Extinction by making fake horns?

Rhinoceros are some of the most endangered species in the world. They are killed for their horns which are used to make ancient medicines in Asian Countries.

 But now in modern times, it has become a part of the status symbol. The fake lifestyle which people want to show others is costing them dearly.

The demand for Rhino horns is growing year-to-year. In 2016 alone, 1054 Rhinos were killed for their horns which is a cause of worry.

It is now believed by Environmental Conservatives that the species would become extinct by the year 2025 at this alarming rate. 

A research in Pembient institute found out that, a Horn cost roughly about 60,000$ in the international market and we can end this suffering by using 3-d Printers. 

Those guys first used a powder-like material which was identical to the real thing and then by combining metals, minerals, proteins, and the whole mixture was incorporated with real DNA of a Rhinoceros and they were successful to build up a horn completely resembling the original one.

A lot of poachers in countries like in Africa are killing rhinos because they are poor and killing one rhino would feed their family for years so the very basic idea is to give them a 3-d made rhino horn at a very cheaper price so that they can seel it through black market channel and still earn a huge profit which will not only sustain their family but also protect rhinos.

The International Rhino Foundation is a world level organisation which is dedicated to saving the world’s rhino species through ground level conservation and research projects all around the world. It believes that these magnificent species should be made to survive for future generations and that protecting rhinos also ensures the survival of many other species that share their habitat, including people. The whole Bio-chain would be affected if they become extinct. 

Currently, 90 percent of the Rhino horns which are in the circulation are fake, but still, poaching rates continue to rise. So using fake horns are not the alternative according to them, and that's why providing synthetic horn will not lower demand but it will increase their poaching because people would then want real horns and that would worsen the situation."

The very basic thing we need to understand is that if we have to protect any species then the only way to deal with it is to have a ground-level approach.
No one wants to risk his/her life by killing an animal. It's the situations and circumstances which force a person to take such a step.

So if we can provide them with a replica model with the 1/10th of price then why would they ever go and risk their life?

Lots of factors are responsible for such matters. Poverty is the basic root of doing such actions. Also, education plays an important role in this.
If we were to protect these animals then the govt. should work with N.G.O.'s, civil societies etc. to make plans so that the basic needs of each and every individual is met.


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