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6 Games which we loved but didn't have a sequel

These games ruled our hearts for years and we desperately waited for their remake but the developers just ruined it all.
Here's our list of 6 games which we loved but didn't have a remake.

1. Half-Life 2 (2004)

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Some games only make this list by virtue of still being pretty fresh in our minds because we just love every bit of it.

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Half-life 2 is developed by Valve and released in 2004.
Ever since it was released fans are waiting for the sequel and after 14 years there's no sequel.

The game is acclaimed by many critics and fans to be "the Greatest Game of All Time" and The Most Revolutionary Game Of all Time.  

  2. Bully (2006)

Like most games which are developed by Rockstar, Bully released with a ton of controversy attached to its name. Although the game was rated “T” for Teens in America, Bully was thought to encourage school violence and bullying as the game shows it. It featured a hefty amount of brutalities, homosexuality, fighting scenes and forced kissing.
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Regardless of whatever Bully was labelled, it was pure fun to plat. Players took the role of  “Jimmy” Hopkins as he made a reputation in a private boarding school called Bullworth Academy. He started from the bottom but eventually made his way to the top. Jimmy became popular by fighting other kids in the academy, an unfortunate reality which we see today. Gamers were even able to initiate relationships with random characters, and they were open to choosing any sexuality they desired. This made headlines!
The game gave players a ton of freedom to explore and play, in addition to some adult jokes which character makes. They could roam in the markets at night, purchase a house, beat their school teacher or even break in their school at night. The game had an update with the name 'Scholarship Edition' which came in 2007, but we have not yet seen the return of Jimmy for which we desperately waited. Let's see if our wishes come true or not.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

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It was probably the greatest game ever made till date by RockStar.

No other open world game is so much fun to play as San Andreas.

The Legendary Character CJ and his Gangster Days are never to be seen again.The game was set up in the 1990s.

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The game also offers the largest map and fun activities offered by Rockstar even better and larger than GTA V.

The game was released in 2004 and made The Rockstar the king in the gaming world. Every gamer will love to play its sequel.

We still hope someday Rockstar will make a sequel to it.

4. Grim Fandango (1998)

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One of the greatest games that we ever played. Grim Fandango gave us doses of creativity and the gaming style is never to be seen again.

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The game is 100% unique. We all loved it and waiting for the sequel. But still nearly after 20 years Lucas Arts never made a sequel.

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5. Sleeping Dogs (2012)

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Sleeping Dogs is developed by United Front Games in 2012. The game at the time put Grand Theft Auto Series to shame. Hustling on the streets of Hong Kong, becoming a Gang Boss. Gameplay is amazing and so does the story. 

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Fans are waiting for the sequel for years now but the company stated there will be no sequel and that put the Sleeping Dog Series to End.

6. Minecraft (2009)

For many people, Minecraft is synonymous with the best "video games." You don't play any ordinary "video games." You play Minecraft. Five years after its release, the original is still seeing considered as the best game because it gets ported to everything with a screen and a processor. For a sequel to live, the original must die: and Minecraft shows no signs of slowing down right now. I hope we can live this great games again.
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In 2012, the developer of the game Markus Persson announced an ambitious spiritual sequel titled 0x10conly to cancel it a year later due to various reason, inviting fans to pursue his original idea as Persson shifts focus to smaller projects.


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