Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Where is our education system heading?

The question asked above is very serious in terms of shaping our future as well of the country.
The very basic notion of education in our country does not correspond to what it should be in real terms.

We have to study a part of History to know how our education system is running. After the colonisation of India by the East India Company, many thoughts were given as per how to train the Indian natives as per the needs of Britishers so that they can be beneficial for them. At that time there were two schools of thought in education present in the world. One was Greek School Of Thought and the one promoted by the Britishers in the country which is still running today i.e. The Western School of Thought by the Britishers.

The very idea of the Western school of thought was to inculcate the western ideologies, ideas and facts in the minds of people replacing their indigenous traits. But here the Britishers played their Trump card.
They knew that teaching Indians the ideas of The Greek School Of Thought would promote the idea of Liberty, Justice and Equality in them, which can be harmful to the very existence of East India Company In India.

So the Britishers developed the policies of teaching the Indians what they suited best for themselve and not for the benefit of common masses. It was designed by Lord Bentinck and Macaulay in such a way that after the completion of education, the masses can be recruited for jobs under the company by paying them a decent amount so that the ideas of Liberalism etc. cannot be taught to them.

Do you ever notice what is the common thing between that era and of today?

The System is running the same as it was two century back. Millions of persons today still desperately wait for jobs in a good firm without having any second thought of doing something creative and unique themselves which is the basic reason of the high rate of unemployment in the country.

We are not teaching the students any right values and knowledge. Mere Rot Learning will not help in long run. The students are taught to get the good grades so that they can get admission to the best colleges in the country. No one ever talks about new ideas, inventions.
Everyone is running in a race to get the first position without thinking that it would lead to nothing.

We are Well Trained and not Well Educated. Can you relate something to this?

The education sector has become a business worth Billion of Rupees in today's scenario. Thousands of coaching institutions are running day and night charging hell of an amount to give your child the best education. Spending Lakhs of Rupees will not guarantee your child success but it will surely guarantee an increase in popularity of coaching institutions. 

What about those students who are not able to meet the Cut off's of the best colleges in the country?
Are they a waste for the society? Does the system not discriminating now? How can a mere 12th class result be the most important factor in deciding your future?

We should really look into this matter immediately where One student commits suicide every hour due to this stress. No one then talks about the mental pressure on that child which led him/her to take such a step. India has the largest no. of suicide rates between the age of 15 to 29 according to 2012 Lancet Report.

The National Policy of Education which came into existence in 1968 under the Indira Gandhi Govt. took some steps to reform the system. After that reforms were done in Rajeev Gandhi Govt in 1986. Since then after 3 decades there is no reform in the education policy which is very frustrating to notice.
There is an immediate need to look into it and to introduce more holistic and balanced approach in the Education System of the country. The flaw in the current education system is that the students are moulded in a particular manner and their originality is lost due to this. 

We should create in them new Entrepreneurs, artists, sports player, thinkers, writers, scientist and not a sheep following the footsteps of others.

Skill Development is the most important thing in present scenarios. The way of communicating, writing, problem-solving abilities of students should be improved which is relative in the practical world.

Technology should be used for its best to improve the quality of education. The brick and Mortar concept has reached its peak and modern technological classes are the need of the hour to introduce new skill sets among the students and to generate their interest in studies.

The Theoretical and Practical World are 180 degrees separated from each other i.e. they are not retable. A person has to live in a practical world and should know how to survive in it. Mere book readings would not help him/her to solve day-to-day problems.
So the need of the hour is to make an education policy which is different from the already worn out conventional system and which can be changed easily according to the need of the hour.


  1. Atleast someone have the balls to present how much broken this education system is.
    Good One

  2. Tbh, the government won't change the education system. They actually want dumber people as it is easier to rule them. But hey that's just my theory. Great article though.

    1. I completely agree with your point that the Govt. want dumber and foolish people over whom it would be easier for them to rule because you cant fool an educated person easily.

  3. Any study of India's education is flawed until it addresses the mediocrity imposed by reservations.

    1. Here we are specifically not talking about reservation system bus yes it can be addressed no doubt about that.