Monday, 26 March 2018

What Makes Life Worth Living ?

Everyone has their own struggles in their lives from which they want to fight back and overcome it.
You and I are no exception. Sometimes we are Happy and the very next moment something can spoil our mood. 
Every day you can't eat your favourite Nutella spread. Sometimes we ought to get the taste of a pickle to maintain the Balance of life.
This balance is really necessary to make us a better person.


 Easiness won't help in the long run, hardships also have a positive impact on one's life if we learn from it. We become a more mature person, a person who can tackle the difficulties in life if he/she faces it. We become more calm and composed. Remember when you tried learning to ride a bicycle? Didn't you ever fall down or you just had a smooth experience? That was the most interesting part of your life.

You learned how you can cope up when someone else is not standing at your back. That small fall made you a more mature person and which taught to remain composed even in the most difficult phases of your life. Have you ever thought at that moment like this? Maybe a flashback is running through your mind. 

I will not disturb you seeing your lovely moments as for now.

As we grow up we are taught to do something which may or may not be our cup of tea. Be it a forceful career choice or something else, we are just following a set of rules set by our parents even when we are not happy in it. But why? 

Did Mark Zuckerberg knew 15 Years back that he would become a billionaire form his idea? Did Steve Jobs knew that his idea would change the world? The Answer is NO. 

But what makes them a different person from you is that they had a passion and courage for what they wanted to achieve in their life. I'm not saying that you should do a revolt or dropout from the college. I just want to say that if you have a passion then stand up for it. No one will believe you until you make it. But once you do, there's no turning back. You will be happy in your life and there always be a satisfaction on your face. There's no need to get a job at 25, get married at 27, get kids at 30 and retire at 60. Don't fear in proving yourself. You will fall 1000 times but what matters is that whether or not you stood up again the 1000th time or not?

I have seen thousands of persons working day and night in their office chair working 9to5 in offices. Trust me, out of 100 persons only 1 person is satisfied with what they are doing. But just to sustain themselves and their families they are doing this thing.
There is no lack of creativity. What's lacking is the courage to stand up and ask for what's right for us. 

Is earning money making you happy? Maybe yes but for how long? Every day you cant live at Hyatt. Sometimes you need the fresh aura of nature. The biggest happiness in our lives comes from small moments which we do not expect or even imagine. Life should not be planned and trust me you will fail every time you try and plan your life. Does a kite suppose to fly in a particular direction without changing its movement? NO. 

You just let it glide freely in the sky and it then indeed fly higher and higher. You are not meant to live in a cage even if you are not happy with your life. You are supposed to find the true meaning in your life and the true purpose for which you are here because there's only a limited time for each one of us. Either you will make memories or feel regrets when your age will be 80 and you are sipping a cup of tea and sitting on a chair.
Remember you are a human being. You are ought to make mistakes but you should step up and improve it. Life will give you chances but not many. It's up to whether or not you grab the opportunity or not.

But in real terms what makes life worth living is not money or other materialistic things. It's the love, passion and respect what makes our life more meaningful and appreciable. You may have millions of dollars in your bank account but if there is no love in your life or not a person with whom you can share your feelings, then a mere piece of paper won't guarantee you happiness ever.

Spend some time with your loved ones. Try to know whats happening in their lives whether there's anything that is bothering them or not. Communication is key. It can do wonders for a person. A mere 5 minutes talk can change one's lives. It looks hypothetical but it's real. 

And at the end, spend some time with yourself. Understand your own inner self and find out what things can make you happy. Self-talking is really helpful both in terms of relieving pressure and making ourselves a better person. Know your worth. Get the difference between what you are getting and what you deserve.


  1. Being Mindful of one's self talk is the conversation with the universe, it all runs from MIND. Truly appreciable bro for taking a dig at the roots