Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Ranking the New World Cup Jerseys

With world cup just around the corner, The heavyweights like Adidas, Nike and Puma have revealed their world cup jerseys.
So let's find out which one is the best and which one fails to the expectations !
At 18th is Russia:
The host could have done some great improvemenst to make this World Cup a special and memorable one but rather they have just designed this traditional Outlook. We hope no one from Russia is reading this.

At 17th is Switzerland:
Still no improvement in their World Cup Jerseys and they have also maintained their traditional Outlook.

At at 16th is Sweden:

We have seen this jersey a lot of times at every major tournament where Sweden has participated and guess what they have done the same thing this time also.

At 15th is Iran:
The Iranian kit is purely White with Red stripes on it and it just looks fine on them. So let's see where the head in the World Cup.

14th is Mexico
The kit is very Mexican with dark green colour which will grace the World Cup and it is expected that will their passion and energy, they can do wonders in thisWorld Cup.

13th is Uruguay

The Kit is very simplistic with traditional Sky Blue colour and sun design engraved on it. It can be a bit of 2012 Olympics kit with some added efforts.

At 12th is Iceland:

With some extra points for the brilliant presentation, Iceland will arrive for their first ever world cup after the 2016 Euro Cup adventure and they will surely do something extra with their Thunderclap celebration which will echo all around Russia.

At 11th is Portugal:

It can be said that the jersey is Very Ronaldo and Very Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo himself presented the jersey and the heavy weights will surely do their level best to give a tough fight in the competetion.

At 10th is Argentina:

Presented by the little magician Leo Messi himself, The Argentine World Cup Jersey is very similar to the past one with some little modifications on it which shows traditional white and blue strips. We really hope that Leo Messi lift World Cup this time.

At 9th is Egypt:

The country of Mo Salah, this kit has red check design on it with white Adidas traditional 3 strips.
Mo Salah will tear apart defences wearing this kit.
At 8th is England:

England will be one of the strongest Contender for the World Cup and will this great jersey, their morale would be very high.
Lets see how far will they make it in World Cup.

At 6th is France:
One of the potential candidates for winning the world cup, France has a brilliant young team and they surely can cruise pass ahead easily.
This is a blooming nice Nike dark blue football kit.We can see Kylian Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele cruising ahead of defences in this shirt.

At 6th is Germany:
Sane, Emre can, Mesut Ozil, Tony Kroos and others presented this kit unveiled by Adidas. There is a pleasing retro look to this Jersey with designs at the front.

At 5th is spain:

After a very bad 2014 world Cup, Spain needs to buckle up this time and surely they have presented their passion and desire to succeded on this kit.

At 4th is Japan

Leicester City playmaker Shinji Okazaki and his teammates will arrive in World Cup 2018 in Russia with style in this sleek and pleasing dark blue Jersey.

At 3rd is Belgium:

It is like a sweater which is knitted by your grandmother but surely it can do wonders for them.
De bryune, Lukaku and Hazard can do wonders this time.

At 2nd is Columbia:

It is the best of the Adidas which you can get and one of the most blooming kits which we will see in Russia. If you find it just buy this thing without a second thought.

At 1st is Nigeria:

They have put one of their glorious efforts to make this kit and they surely deserve no.1 spot for the dedication and hard work.
Lets see if they can do wonders in it or not.
Tell us which one do you like the most in the comment section.
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  1. This shows how popular the Roughriders really are. It's only for 2 games, but this is a proud feeling. looney tunes jersey