Thursday, 22 March 2018

Two Movies We Await To Watch in 2018

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This is the movie i await to see from last couple of years.
This movie is featuring two of my Most Favorite Actors Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino.
Both had featured together in numerous movies throughout the decades. Both Shared Screens in the screen in the Legendary Godfather and Heat
Their worked together have won dozens of Oscars.

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese who is one of the greatest director of all time and no. 1 in crime genre undoubtedly.
And he is coming up with another Crime Drama.

This is a Big Budget movie and will be featuring other Legends like Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel.
No other movie have featured such big legends in the past decade.

Everyone must watch this movie this year if not be shifted to be released in 2019.
It is predicted to be the biggest hit of this year and to be winning Oscars.

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Waiting for this movie for a lifetime now.
Project got Started in 2008 after that cast got changed numerous times and even the directer Brian Singer( Director of Usual Suspect, Transformers) got fired from the project.

It is the Biopic of Freddie Mercury, the greatest Rock Singer of all time. One of the greatest songwriter, most creative mind of all time.

Remi Malek will be featured as Freddie Mercury in the movie. Freddie's larger than life persona and Godlike stage presence will be hard to match. We can expect the role to be quite cheaper as no man can imitate the man himself. 

The Movie is also based on the Band Queen through their prime to the end of the Greatest live performance of all time on Live Aid 1985.
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