Thursday, 22 March 2018

Legacy which Stephen Hawking left behind

Millions of people across the globe have been flooding social media handles with thousands of tributes and illustrations expressing their grief at the death of the renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking.
Many artworks have been posted in honour of the professor focus on his iconic mobility chair which he used for many decades.
One such image which has been widely shared depicts the famous chair with an array of glowing stars glowing from his seat

The picture was originally posted by news website Pictoline with the caption, "Goodbye, Stephen Hawking".
Venezuelan designer, Oriana Estefania had posted an image on his Instagram handle of Professor Hawking, who was seen in a cartoonist character flying towards a black hole from his chair. Many such touching tributes have been circulating on the internet.
Many online users have been discussing the significance of the date of Professor Hawking's death, using the hashtag #PiDay.
The date, 14 March has been marked as 'Pi Day' by some on social media users in reference to the first three digits of the date, 3.14, when written in the US-style - mirroring the first three digits of the mathematical term pi.

Astrophysicist John Moffitt also commented on the aptness of Professor Hawking's date of death, and pointed out that the date is also the birthday of Albert Einstein..


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