Thursday, 29 March 2018

Humanity is destroying out Natural Resources

Natural resources are resources which are formed without human intervention i.e humans have no part in their formation and sustenance. These include land, water, soil, sunlight etc.  
These resources may or may not be limited in nature and human life is directly or indirectly dependent on it.

Resources deplete when we use them in much larger amount then they can replenish themselves.

Over a couple of centuries after the Industrial Revolution, we have recklessly used these materials for our own personal gains without even thinking of the consequences it can create on our planet.

Today they are decreasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Over-dependence on soil has led to its losing fertility by which 30-40% of the land will soon become unfertile or barren. This is due to Overgrazing, Pressure on land due to Over-Population, Pollution etc.

We use 16 Kg's or 35 lbs of natural resources every day for maintaining our lifestyles. This no can go up to 57 Kg's or 125lbs if we live in western world.

Before August 2, 2017, we humans had used our allowances of using natural resources for a whole year which is a grave concern.

Every day we extract a massive amount of 55 Billion tonnes of resources from Biomass and fossil fuels and also from minerals and metals. This is almost 10 tonnes/ person in today's world.

For example, our Mobile Phone uses 42 different types of metals like aluminium, beryllium, coal, copper, gold and iron.

A television requires about 35 different metals and a computer almost 30. So you can imagine how rapidly we are using our limited natural resources.

Production of minerals is expected to increase by 250% by 2030 due to large demands across the world and by 2020, our extraction of biomass will increase by 50%.

Most of this will come from developing countries who are using their resources to rapidly increase their economies to be on the list of developed countries.

These mining industries often lack know- how and they lack sufficient resources and environmental safeguards in case of emergencies which also causes fatalities.

As a result of this environmental disturbances, our Natural Ecosystems is suffering a lot. Species of animals and plants are getting extinct which disturbs the food chain and the whole system can collapse if the due concern is not given to this issue at this particular moment.

Even though we have 71% of water covering the globe, only 2.5% of it is freshwater and the majority of that is trapped in the glaciers.The United Nations have predicted that by 2025, 180 million people won't have access to safe drinking water.

Our Oil Resources, fisheries, aquatic life, forest ecosystem may soon collapse if this narrow-minded development continues to grow.

The need of the hour is to look towards and renewable and sustainable development. Adopting clean energy will not only save our natural resources but it will also be helpful for our future generations to come.

Adopting Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro Power Energy area good alternative

The developing countries need to cut 90% of their extractions so as to ensure environment and social sustainability because they have used these resources on a much larger level then developing resources and the moral responsibility is up to them to fix this.

But at the moment, the world is moving in opposite direction.


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