Saturday, 31 March 2018

How Trump is Reshaping America

After more than one year and three months of assuming Presidentship, it's time to look how things have changed since Donald Trump took charge of the office.
Americans were the subject to funny comments when Trump won the elections in 2016 over how can they choose a man as their President who has no leadership qualities, who doesn't even know what foreign policy looks like. But it's nonetheless true. His first year is not so bad at first. In fact, his Presidentship has clarified a lot.

Improvement in Judiciary System:
If there's one area where Trump has kept his promises is the improvement in the judiciary and focused on long-term policy gains starting with the selection of Neil Gorsuch in place of Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. He has clearly so far decided that keeping the social conservatives happy is the top priority. That's good and it will outlast his presidentship.

Tax Cuts:
Being a business minded person, he has kept his promise to slash the tax rate for Americans and this has greatly boosted the economy. The GOP Tax bill was a big shot for the Republicans and it has indeed moved in their favour. They even got rid of hated Obama health care in which the health care law imposed fines on people who go without insurance. The new tax bill has set the fine at zero and trump and his administration deserve due credit for this.

Regulatory Benefits:
In the first year after assuming office, the administration has moved on numerous fronts- from Net neutrality and to Environmental regulations and to reduce the regulatory on the economy. These are some steps which can be easily undone by the next Governments so let's see what happens in the future. It has also withdrawn and nullified many of the Obama's Govt. regulations that were barreling down the tracks.

Defence Posture:
America spends nearly about 672 Billion $ in defence budget yearly and under Trump, this has changed a lot. Recently he said in a statement that America nearly spent 7 Trillion $ in Syria for which they got nothing and now he has called the Army back from there. His sanctions have has now forced North Korea leader Kim Jong Un to think of De-denuclearisation of the country and a possible meeting between them can happen in May.

Employment Increased:
The country unemployment claims have now fallen for the first time in 45years. The Economy is gaining momentum again and his notion of "Make America great again" is surely working in terms of economy. The Imposition of H1-B visa to protect the jobs in the country is surely a welcome step by the Americans as it has created a natural barrier to prevent Indians from working in a technological firm in the U.S.

Paris Climate Agreement:
It was a bold step to pull out of the agreement which America once supported to protect the Environment. According to Trump, it was not in the interest of his country and they were only paying billions of dollars for absolutely nothing. He campaigned for this in his elections and surely fulfilled his promise when he assumed the office. He has also withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was also not favoured by the Congress.

The decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem became a world news which spread like a wildfire. It's been 2 decades since Congress passed a law to do this action and give some credit to Trump, he did it finally without hesitating.


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