Friday, 23 March 2018

Freddie Mercury VS Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington Sadly Commited Suicide Last Year at The Young Age of 41

Freddie Died In 1991 due to Complications From AIDS

Both Were Incredible Artists

Time To Time Freddie Mercury Is Regarded And Voted By Critics, Fans, Musicians as The Greatest Singer Of All time

He Have No Boundaries Of What He Can Do With His Music
He Created Bohemian Rhapsody Breaking All the Barriers.
Which Features Ballad, Mock Opera, Hard Rock
Never A Song Like That is Created
And Never Will Be

1987 Freddie Jumped To Opera
He Changed the Genre that No Rock Singer Had Done Before
He Mastered All Elites Like Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe

Freddie Was Never Formally Trained So There No Boundaries For Him To Work beneath So He Created His Own Set Of Rules
Same Is There For Chester
He Experimented Created One Of The First Neo Rock Band Linkin Park
Mixing Genres Together

Freddie Didn't Know How to Read Piano So He Drive On Intuition and Instincts.
Intuition is Always Greater Than Intellectual

Freddie and Chester Both Defined Generations
and There Works Will Be Remembered Time To Time

Watch The Video
Who Do You Think Is Better?

Freddie Mercury VS Chester Bennington



  1. What a joke. Who the heck is Chester compared to Fred, The man got a voice of an angel.
    Freddie is incomparable

    1. Chester Bennington is the Legend God unforgettable historical unbeatable , He sang like an angel and shouted like a demon , And if you can compare With freddie, it reaches a lot so be careful with Chester

    2. Chester Bennington equals it

    3. Timothy, you fuck, ever heard of Linkin Park? I bet not cause buses don't go where you live right? Go listen to LP's greatest hits

  2. it's upto you my friend. Both these legends have their true fans who see them as their idols

  3. The Problem is that you haven't listened to Queen. I respect your opinion otherwise. But opinion changes swiftly. Listen to Queen

  4. Chester Bennington is WAAAAAYYY better compared to Freddie. So I think that chester wins it...PERMANENTLY!!! missuchester