Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Artificial Intelligence - A Potential Danger for Mankind

From incidents like self-driving car accidents to face id hack to cyber attacks, AI doesn't seem to have a great present as for now.

How can we trust anything that is a potential threat to the very existence of humankind?

We all are very well aware of the fact that unemployment is increasing at a very alarming rate which is a cause of concerns for various economies of the world and to add the icing on the cake we are relying more and more on AI, which means cutting down even more jobs as AI can literally do any work.

From ranging to doing your home chores like cleaning, cooking etc. to making cars in the automobile industry, the role of Artificial Intelligence is increasing day by day.
They can literally make any work easier but on the other side, they will steal your jobs in coming 10-15 years.

Adding to this, AI has been a disaster in many terms:

The recent incident of the self-driving car crash of uber created a lot of news as a 49-year-old lady was killed she was crossing the road because the car didn't stop or alter its course. The car seriously had a major software breach and that cost a life. But who cares? These multi-billionaire companies will feed some money and the case would be closed.

You love to talk endlessly to Siri on your iPhone's right?
Well, each and every single word which you say is sent to Apple Headquarters in California where they can use it in any way they want. There is no threat till now but who can predict the future? So next time be a little more cautious!

A week after the release of the New iPhone X, hackers were able to unlock the device using a 3d model of a person which was made with 150$. The hard work in terms of billions of dollars spent by the company in research can be ruined by mere 150$!

Every day there are cyber attacks growing and millions of dollars fraud happening all around the world which is a failure of the technology as it is constantly developed without even thinking about its downsides.

Silicon Valley futurist and Multi-Billionaire Elon Musk also said that AI can be more dangerous than nukes in the coming future.

The main concern for this is that we are making something which can take its own decisions like humans for doing absolutely everything it wants.

How Facebook robots started to communicate in their own languages which forced the company to stop it mid-way can be seen as an example of the direction in which we are heading.

This Artificial intelligence in future can make their own upgraded versions known as Superintelligence. Then we cant stop something which we haven't made ourselves.

If these types of machines are not stopped then it can seriously lead to an arms race among the world to get the best machines which can be a potential threat to human beings if it reaches in the wrong hands.

We should not forget that we are the masterminds in creating such inventions but we should keep in mind that these ideas can be destructive for our own self. Technology should enable people and not disable them.

Either AI  can become a Boon for us or Bane and it's in our hand how we use it for the betterment of humanity and mankind.


  1. I believe it's all about how far we can go, but humans building a machine smarter than themselves sounds a little odd and also smart enough to destroy us could spell the end of human race