Friday, 9 February 2018

Should Safe Sex be promoted through education at School ?

The spread of AIDS in the 80s and 90s showed that education and information are more important than ever as exemplified by the slogan in the British 1980’s advertising campaign to prevent AIDS ‘AIDS: Don’t Die of Ignorance’.

The campaigns were credited with credited with changing behaviour through warnings on adverts and informing through an information leaflet. This shows that education can work even when starting from scratch.

While a serious disease, AIDS transmission makes up only a tiny proportion of sexually transmitted infections.While a serious disease, AIDS transmission makes up only a tiny proportion of sexually transmitted infections each year. 

Firstly the harm of these infections has always been satisfactorily low before public Sex Education, and secondly even if mandatory public education did have a substantive benefit it would not outweigh the infringement on the moral freedom of the parents.

The internet provides a vast amount of easily accessible information about sex, of varying degrees of quality. Most children in the west now have access to the internet and are therefore likely to have access to this information on sex, or at least educational materials on sex even if the child’s access to the internet is controlled.

Given that it is impossible to prevent children from accessing this information if they really want to, it makes sense to present it to them in an organised and accurate fashion. Rather than allowing children to find information on their own through what may well be unreliable resources, it is necessary that they should get good reliable information.

That this information when there is safe sex education comes from the school means that children know that the information is reliable. They can then use this information to help them decide how reliable any further information they may find from other sources is.

The problem with mandatory sex education is precisely that it presents that information in an organised fashion – by the state.  In doing so the right of the parents to raise their children in accordance with their structure of beliefs is usurped.


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