Friday, 9 February 2018

Should Religious Symbols be banned in public buildings ?

To give my viewpoint I would like to say that religious symbols are seen to some extent as inequality divide between genders as an example, the Muslim Hijab is considered by some as a very powerful symbol for the operation of women in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan where it is compulsory.  
Therefore when it is worn in western countries that encourage Democracy and Equality, the wearing of the hijab is seen as almost counterproductive to the goals of Democratic society. That is the reason why Belgium has recently banned the wearing of Muslim wale much like France in 2010.

But there is some other fact also :
Religious symbols are not seen a suppressive by those who choose to wear them. Many Muslim women view the veil as a mean to protect their modesty and privacy. Modesty is a personal judgemental call; some are comfortable in the smallest bikini and while others prefer a lot more clothing but the woman should make this decision herself.In fact concerning the ban of the veil in Belgium Muslim women have immediately challenged it at the card the band is discriminatory.

Two points of view can be seen as religious symbols can be possibly be used as a tool for fuelling division within the society when some women wear the Hijab, it creates pressure on other Muslim women to cover their heads for wanting to look like another woman in the community. As such Muslims themselves are divided and religious operation against women is internalized.
Approving of Muslim head coverings in society cement the job as an essential tenant of Islam. However many different School of Islam exist and as on other issues, they often disagree how to interpret the Quran prescriptions.

Counterpoint to this view can be seen that Muslim women are not the only ones to feel cultural division over their mode of dress. More people are affected by social norm surrounding them.
Fashion trends would be seen in exactly the same light as religious traditions. Banning head covering is only likely to provoke a more extreme reaction among highly religious communities. Framing laws to Ban only Islamic form of dress could be considered an attack on one religion. They could set up religious schools for their own children and would not allow them to socialise from others and this can never be good for the integration of society and would even promot the instrumets of extremist.


  1. No. That would be stupid. As long as the religious symbol does not pose an immediate physical threat to Public Safety, like carrying a sword, it should be completely okay for individuals to express themselves in public as their conscience and fashion sense dictate. My only objection to religious symbols in public are when they are funded by taxpayers. Not every taxpayer is a member of a particular religion, so no tax money should be given to any religious expression.

  2. Definitely, we support your views