Thursday, 8 February 2018

Is Obesity a Disease?

It is a true fact that obesity can be considered as a disease and here are some facts related to it:
  1.  Firstly obasity meets the definition of diseases according to the American Medical Association.
  2. Obesity like other disease can impair the normal functioning of the body.
  3. Obesity decreases the person's life expectancy and can cause death like other diseases and it can also lead to 3 years loss of life.
  4. Obesity can be a genetic disorder such as Sickle Cell anaemia which are classified as diseases.
  5. Government entities and major medical groups recognised obasity as a disease.
But here are some other facts also which should be taken into consideration :
  1. Obesity is a preventable risk factor for other diseases and conditions and is not a disease itself.
  2. Obesity is a side effect and is not a disease.
  3. Many obese people live long healthy lives as many as one third of obese people are healthy meaning that they are not under serious health problems.
  4. Obesity is the result of over-eating meaning that if a person takes more than the healthy calorie requirement then definitely he or she is vulnerable to get obese.
  5. Obesity is generally the result of sedentary lifestyle.

So it can be seen that obesity if not taken care can be a dreadful disease for a person.
Therefore we should always look after our body with full care. Maintaning proper lifestyle and eating a healthy diet is always beneficial .


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