Thursday, 8 February 2018

Is human activity primarily responsible for global climate change?

Some scientists believe that human activities are responsible for the change in the global climate scenario.
The rising levels of human-produced gases released into the atmosphere created a Greenhouse effect that traps the heat and causes the Global Warming.
These gases trap heat and cause the planet to warm through a process called greenhouse effect.

The specific type of CO2 that is increasing in Earth's atmosphere can be directly connected to the human activity like the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal and can be differentiated in the atmosphere natural CO2 due to a specific isotopic ratio.

The global warming caused by human-produced greenhouse gases is causing the Arctic ice cap to melt at an increasing rate which is very alarming taking into consideration the current scenario , but there are different facts also as many scientists believe that merely human intervention is not responsible for change in climate conditions as earth climate has often changed or fluctuated from time to time and even this change is bound to happen.

The rate of global warming has even slowed over the last decade even the atmospheric CO2 continues to increase.

So as a coin has two faces so does this story.

It is indeed true that we should restrict ourselves at some point for the sake of our mother earth and for our future generations.

Sustainable development is an alternative.

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